who we are

Our job is more than just delivering projects, it’s our ability to identify and address challenges in different niche industry. That’s what makes us unique.

Target Marketing & Advertising (TMA) is an authority on taking care of workers and interactions. We are the definition of modern advertisement because we make your business go viral in a way that others don't. At TMA, We deliver ad solutions to make your websites and campaigns more valuable. We are constantly powered by a passionate nature of responsibility to generate precise campaigns for several niche industries.

Also, at TMA, we target audience and mobile users in different geographic markets at local, regional, national or international levels. We also provide a great system for a large number of businesses and homework help services professionals to advertise their products and services. We are dedicated to obsessively deliver quality services that will make you come back for more.

What We Offer

Brand identity

The way a company wants a brand name, style of communication, logo as well as... 

Digital productions

Radio and television are two of the prominent traditional media used by companies for advertising..

Print Media Marketing

We feel that printed assets are important in general marketing and advertising approaches..

Mailing campaigns

Marketers use direct mail to get to smaller targeted audiences or chosen prospective customers..

our vision

To succeed, you need a partner, who shares your dreams, goals and objectives. We are here to be this partner and ensure that our work will meet and exceed all of your expectations.


Our Standards

Our approach and expertise in creating ad solutions will make your campaign stand out.

We integrate creative solutions and fresh ideas to modernize the advertisement world and make sure that you’ll receive outstanding results. We will focus on key challenges and plan the project in the best possible way to ensure the best outcome.

Our support team is constantly working and researching on new technologies.

Our team has every determination needed to come up with a custom solution that your business needs. We rely on your valuable feedback and our strong technical expertise.