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Print Media Marketing

We feel that printed assets are important in general marketing and advertising approaches. Print Media increases reputable publicity, driving clients aimed at your business and inspiring them to pick your brand. Conceptualize Material Design & Printing We develop sales and marketing brochures utilizing four-color process on thicker, shiny or matte finish paper to present a preliminary…
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Conceptualize Advertisements

AD composition Print advertising consists of sales brochures, discount coupons, leaflets, business card printing, billboards and ads in gossip columns and newspapers. We make use of this channel effectively starting with determining the advertising goal, discovering your potential audience and concentrating on the message you are passing across. The price of printed advertising can simply…
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Targeted Mailing Campaigns

Direct Mail Campaign Marketers use direct mail to get to smaller targeted audiences or chosen prospective customers. Direct mail often take the shape of a letter, brochure or flyer delivered through the mailing service. Marketers can put together their very own list of potential customers for the mailing, or rent a subscriber list coming from…
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